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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Discriminatory New Immigration Law

Just when Foreign Women thought it was safe to come out again they have been slapped in the face with a new law that claims to champion their rights.

Imagine yourself, a woman, 30 some thing years old, well educated (BS Engineering), career orientated, (Managing Engineer of your own Construction Firm). You’re on top of the world but yet you feel the urge to complete your life with a family. A pretty common reality today happening all over the world.

Eventually you meet your match. A wonderful well educated gentlemen who seems to fit perfectly into your life. He is kind, courteous, and proper and after an extended courtship you have the most wondrous day of you life and marry the man of your dreams.

Except this is the beginning of your Immigration Nightmare.

The husband is from America and you are living in a foreign country. You’ve been a proper young lady all your life and during your honeymoon together with your new husband you conceived your first child. You are married, 6 ½ months pregnant, and starring at a U.S. Embassy Consular Officer as he just handed you a VISA DENIAL form letter. An 8 ½ x 11 termination of your dreams.

How you ask!

As you and your new husband had done every thing correctly, filled all your forms correctly, even rejected ideas of attempting to cheat the immigration system.

Welcome to catch # S. 1618 The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005

REAL, very real as this new law offers equal opportunity discrimination against couples.

What our new bride and her husband didn’t know was International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 places restrictions on the K visa regulations that can harm innocent couples in very real ways.

K Visa Interview Changes

The U.S. consul must ask the fiancé(e) during the Embassy/Consulate interview whether an IMB facilitated the couple's relationship, and if so, the consul must determine the name of the IMB and confirm that the IMB acted in accordance with the new requirements regarding information gathering and disclosure, as well as pamphlet dissemination.

The fiancé(e) will be asked in every instance whether she met her fiancée through a matchmaking site. If she replies untruthfully and is found out (a very real possibility), she will be denied the visa and barred from ever receiving a U.S. visa of any kind. If she admits to the means of acquaintance, but can not convince the consular officer that the marriage agency provided her with the required disclosures, the visa will be refused, and at best the case will go into administrative review.

Is the law unjust? We think so. Will it harm innocent couples, unfortunately this we know it well. People ARE going to meet on the internet. The WWW. At the top of your browser stands for World Wide Web and there is no way other then entering into a closed society to stop it. When they write laws to exclude 50% of the U.S. population and 50% of the world’s population from meeting exchanging ideas, and yes, even falling in love, you have written a formula for disaster

Now explain to me how can anyone label their self as Championing Human Rights, Protector of Women, and all around Good Guy when they write laws so ill thought out as to allow realities such the 1 portreyed in this story to become reality.

To this question we would like to know the answers as well

Get involved, pick up the phone and call your Senator, write the president, or even tell your friends, but don’t allow this to happen to poor unsuspecting couples all over the world

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