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Monday, January 16, 2006

International Dating is about to change

Looks like International Dating is about to change – and not for the better.

The adoption of International Marriage Broker Regulation Act 2005 threatens to change the face of internet dating for the worse and very quickly.

The law as it is written excludes large International Dating sites such as, Yahoo Personals, MSN Personals and many other International Dating agencies by definition and focus on 200 or so Matchmaking Dating agencies based here in the United States.

How ever well intended the law is, it will accomplish the exact opposite of it intentions. United States based operators or entities will be closed and only off shore unregulated agencies will exist. Dating Mega sites that offer no protections required by this law and other laws designed to aid the plight of the women they claim to protect, are exempted by definition of this new law.

- (ii) an entity that provides dating services between United States citizens or residents and other individuals who may be aliens, but does not do so as its principal business, and charges comparable rates to all individuals it serves regardless of the gender, country of citizenship, or residence of the individual.

This exempts Yahoo Personals, MSN Personals, and many others from the provisions of this law and they could continue to provide member information and contact information where as a small free site like would have to fully comply.

Does this make Women of these foreign countries less safe?

These Mega Sites offer no information for legal immigration to the United States, or cultural differences between the 2 countries. The likelihood of a perspective gentlemen entering in to a relationship and attempting to circumvent her legal immigration to the United States would rise drastically. Many times unwitting gentlemen visit inquiring about back door approaches for foreign fiances to enter the United States. Some thing we discourage and rather offer detailed instructions for legal immigration to the United States through K1 or K3 visa programs.

These same Mega Sites do not foster or encourage cultural understanding between the members that are actively seeking romance abroad. Legitimate Foreign Matchmaking services routinely provide forums, information, and advice regarding the cultural differences between and perspective partners. This simple understanding can provide non-abusive relationships, the lack of understanding cultivates abusive, dominant/submissive relationships.

Reality is the authors of the new law WILL provide the means for an increased occurance of the unfortunate conditions they seek to prevent.

Full Text of S.1455 here

The Backdoor Law That Sabotages International Romance

Where the author of this law established statistical data for the new law is completely contrary to well documented statistics by the United States Goverenment.

The Men

David Jedlicka (1988, cited in Glodava and Onizuka, 1994) surveyed 607 American men seeking mail-order brides and received 206 responses. He found that the men were generally white (94 percent); highly educated (50 percent with two or more years of college, 6 percent with M.D.'s or Ph.D.'s, only five did not complete high school); politically and ideologically conservative; and generally economically and professionally successful (64 percent earned more than $20,000 a year; 42 were in professional or managerial positions). Their median age was 37. The men came from 44 states, with 22 percent from California, and 84 percent lived in metropolitan areas. Fifty-seven percent had been married at least once; most had been divorced after an average of seven years of marriage, 35 percent had at least one child, and 75 percent wished to father additional children. When asked about their religious affiliations, 48 percent of the men identified themselves as Protestant, 23 percent as Catholic, 15 percent as belonging to other religions, and 14 percent as having no religious affiliation.


We have been searching for the statisics mentioned in this new law but as of yet have not been able to find anything in the USCIS, State Department or DOJ statistics database that would illustrate claims made in this new law. In fact we found CBS reports claiming No firm statistics exist on the extent of abuse suffered by mail-order brides

If you have any solid data we would certainly appreciate it if you would forward the information.

As so elliquently put -

Contacting a woman for romantic purposes -- internationally or domestically -- is not a crime. Those who do so are not a priori criminals who must prove themselves innocent before being allowed an email exchange.


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